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Welcome to the Business Live Global  SUPER Network membership page!  Membership is by application and invitation only - see below form to apply...  ALL members, partners, clients and suppliers are subject to a thorough due diligence process to protect the network and it's core values 

If you haven’t attended one of our events as of yet then here’s a bit of background information 

During the C-19 pandemic Business Live GLOBAL launched a virtual version of the original, highly acclaimed, award winning Business Live networking which was originally held at Bistro Live and Stadium MK in Milton Keynes, Leicester and Nottingham 2010 to 2017 in England, United Kingdom.  
In March 2021 we created and launched our very own BLG Radio - an internet based station purely for aspirational entrepreneurs who want to be inspired by other successful business leaders. Covering a wide range of topics and industries we are now regularly broadcasting in over 15 countries worldwide and we offer every member of BLG the chance to host their own show or appear on a show as a monthly, regular guest! 

Where it started 

We regularly welcomed 60 to 90 decision makers at every event and were deemed to be the largest, most successful business lunch club in the region for several years. The event was very special as we accelerated the networking process with our unique formula - hosted tables and table planning prior to the event. 
2012 to 2015 Victoria our founder launched three consecutive exhibitions at Stadium MK and then at Woburn Sculpture Gallery and four consecutive Landlord and Investor Summits at Stadium MK and Bicester Golf and Country Club 2016 to 2017. 
To date Victoria and BLG have created and promoted over 3000 corporate, health and wellness and property events! You can view some of these events by subscribing to our YouTube channel 

Going Global 

In July 2021 Victoria Beale (BLG Founder) appointed Maganda Evans Tabingwa to launch BLG in Africa and in November 2021 we successfully launched our corporate lunch in Uganda with the Dept Prime Minister announcing she was joining BLG as a member. 
In 2023 we are planning to launch the corporate lunches across the world in multiple locations. Please contact victoria@businessliveglobal.com if you would like to host your own BLG lunch in our region. 
Every month we run Business Live Global SUPER Network which is a hugely successful, international, online, monthly networking event which normally runs on the third Friday of every month 2pm till 4pm! 
2023/24 BLG will be live in every major country across the world as we are in the process of preparing to franchise the company globally. Successful franchisees will be the face of the BLG network and will host a monthly BLG luncheon in their respective region within their country. BLG will be recruiting high quality business leaders/ entrepreneurs to take the role of ‘Country Manager’ over the course of the next two years! 
Any individual or business who are part of the BLG network will be able to attend a lunch local to them or even further afield as desired. They’ll be able to network online and offline with ease and gain access to a variety of credible mentors, investors and key organisations who will rapidly accelerate and support exponential business growth for all who are lucky enough to be invited to join. 
BLG media and communications already provide a suite of bespoke communication solutions to support every member with their business growth journey - for example we have our own radio station (BLG Radio) currently being listened to in over 15 countries and every member has the opportunity to host their own show or appear on an existing show as a regular guest. 
BLG will be the world’s number one ‘go to’ trusted, business network for serious, aspirational entrepreneurs.  
We want every member who join us to gain ROI within the first year and BLG is committed to support through to final exit. BLG is all about our members and their ultimate success. 

ENQUIRE: sales@businessliveglobal.com  

From $797 per business, per year 
Monthly options available on request! 

Get in touch, to find out how to join our GLOBAL NETWORK of BUSINESS LEADERS 

Please complete and send form below via our website or email sales@businessliveglobal.com and we will be in touch soon 
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