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The SUPER Network by Business Live Global and Partners  
IN partnership with Global Super Connectors and Influencers: 
Rachel Beck, Matt Willis, Matt Garry, Marc Jarrett 
3rd FRIDAY of every month 
2pm till 4pm UK Time 
If you are a business leader whose current turnover exceeds $300,000 per annum and seeking a high profile, online session where you get to make up to 50 new connections in just two hours - then you've come to the right place! 
The SUPER Network was founded in 2021 by Victoria Beale (Founder of Business Live Global) back in 2021 and Business Live as a networking organisation has been active since 2010. 
Our online session is fast paced and we normally have three high profile speakers attend and FOUR separate breakout sessions... 
2.00pm - Zoom opened 
2.10pm - Breakout session One 
2.25pm - Speaker 
2.35pm - Breakout Session Two 
2.50pm - Speaker 
3.00pm - Breakout Session Three 
3.15pm - Speaker 
3.25pm - Breakout Session Four 
3.40pm - Member intros 
4.00pm - CLOSE 
Membership starts from only $600 per year to join our online hub. 
Contact: victoria@businessliveglobal.com for further details 

 Business Live GLOBAL present 'More Secrets Traditional Financial Advisors Are Not Telling You' - this a totally fresh and unique investment model - exclusive to GRIT Partners  Executive Strategy Session Online  Dates to be released for 2023! 

Meet Grit Partners - a totally unique, proprietary financial vehicle unseen before outside the USA.. 
About Grit Partners... 
We’re a private investment firm backed by some of the largest and most trustworthy institutions in the industry, giving investors unmatched access to financial opportunities not generally obtainable by the general public. 
This is made possible by our proprietary approach that intelligently diversifies your portfolio while mitigating your risk so your capital is safeguarded against the unforeseen. 
Our promise to every investor we partner with: to grow your investment stably and safely so you achieve the affluence you deserve. 
Why attend this Executive Strategy Session? 
We walk side by side with you, giving you a customized plan that yields what others simply can’t or won’t share with you. 
We believe everyone deserves access to financial security no matter where they are on their journey in life, which is why we created this vehicle for anyone who wants more control (and better options) over their future, without sacrificing current lifestyle choices. 
This is because life changes. 
Which forms the foundation of our 3 tiered investment model: Two avenues of investment plus a third which functions as a safety net to protect you and your assets. 
We are the only team of investors we know who proactively protect your investments against risk of loss of capital. Our 3 tier model is how we do it. 
To put you in the passing lane for you, for your family, and what you leave for your loved ones.. 
How To Understand Accounting Lingo! ONLINE 
ARE YOU an entrepreneur, investor OR business owner who wants a deeper understanding of financial statements? 
Then you need to attend this session, hosted and created by Julie Wilkinson, a chartered management accountant by trade who founded Wilkinson Accounting Solutions in 2020. They are a leading accounting and consultancy firm specializing in helping clients acquire or exit businesses, by implementing a robust infrastructure that transforms their business from a lifestyle to an asset. 
Julie and her team see over 100 balance sheets a month and realize that business owners who are not financially literate struggle to interpret key financial data; resulting in signing off accounts they don't fully understand (as they do not know how to challenge their accountant) OR business buyers (investors) mis interpreting sellers accounts, which leads to misleading conversations, causing issues including businesses being overvalued. 
This 90 min session will provide a deep dive into financial statements, to help buyers or entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of their accounts, so they have more ability to make real time and accurate decisions, that helps prepare for a successful acquisition or exit. 
For more enquiries contact Leanne McGregor at lmcgregor@wilkinsonacc.co.uk 
Early bird price £49.99 + VAT, increasing to £99.99 + VAT 


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