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As a nation, we are travelling head-first into a national crisis around mental health, with the NHS and GP’s already overloaded beyond their capacity.  
Subsequently, without the resources to cope, individuals are being signed off work and prescribed antidepressants at an alarming rate. This is leading to an ever-increasing number of sick days, thus impacting individual businesses and costing billions of pounds in revenue loses to the economy each year already. 
Businesses cannot rely on government to address this issue. The solution sits within the realms of corporate responsibility and unless we each take action to address this very real issue, we will undoubtedly suffer the repercussions through disruptions to workflow and productivity ourselves. 
However, there is a reward for adopting a more caring culture that supports a genuine and practical approach to the wellbeing of staff, as businesses will inadvertently be establishing a more attractive cultural brand that will appeal to future talent that they would like to attract. 
Together with our trusted partners, we have come together to create Business Live Health and Wellbeing which will help you to address this issue. Our core team already contains more than 50 CEO’s, experts and practitioners and we are aligned with more than 50 organisations providing practical solutions across diet, health, fitness, alternative medicines, DNA research, holistic solutions, financial debt resolution, company benefit schemes and more. 
Our efforts will be directed towards running regular health and wellness themed events across the UK for Senior HR, business owners and individuals who are responsible for corporate wellbeing initiatives within their business. Giving you the chance to attend and meet with peers, practitioners, suppliers and industry professionals to hear personal stories and establish meaningful relationships.  
The purpose of these events is to educate you on how to support staff with both mental & physical health and generate practical ideas to take back to your business. Ultimately leading to increased staff retention, productivity and overall business success. 

Mark Stephens | CEO Smart Recruit Online  


"Unfortunately, whilst Health and Safety in the workplace is taught as standard, Health and Wellbeing is all too often an afterthought" 
Victoria Beale | CEO - Business Live UK 
"We are so thankful to be partnered with Business Live UK" 
Jack Tully | Head of Corporate Accounts at Bannatyne 
"Business Live Health and Wellbeing was a fantastic event and it was an absolute honor & privilege to host an event of this nature at Bannatyne. It was great to share the floor with so many likeminded individuals who are willing to make positive changes for both for themselves and their staff. 
We are so thankful to be partnered with Business Live UK; together we are working towards achieving a better working environment and background. They really did a fantastic job in putting the event together and we very much look forward to working with them in the future." 
"The event was very well organised and a huge success" 
Mark Stephens | Founding Director - Smart Recruit Online 
"We had a nice blend of people involved in looking after staff and overall wellbeing in the workplace, we had some excellent suppliers and great hosts. The event was very well organised and a huge success. 
If we can just inspire a few people to go back to their businesses and do something that improves the quality of life for the people that work there then we have achieved great success." 
Check out the showreel from our most recent event! 

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