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Present to your clients in their language with PAB Languages Business Live Global's Translation and Multilingual Content Partner 

Business Live Global believes in the importance of uniting businesses from across the globe and understands the opportunity created when they collaborate. 
PAB Languages shares this belief and supports international growth by ensuring your business communication is understood, culturally appropriate, accurate, and engaging among foreign audiences. 

How can we help? 

If you are looking to naturally captivate international audiences, your content must not only be translated to the highest accuracy, but done so with a meticulous process and a cultural understanding. 
At PAB, we achieve these objectives allowing your business to communicate your solutions, values, and messages with confidence overseas. 
Our cultural understanding is built on a culturally diverse team of experts, which enables businesses to gain a positive reception in international markets. While our process is of the highest quality, adopting a 5-step Quality Assurance Process that ensures maximum accuracy and client satisfaction. 

Targeting International Audiences 

When targeting international audiences, it is vital your content accurately conveys your branding, tone, and message, whilst effectively attracting and engaging readers regardless of cultural and language barriers. 
In sales and marketing, effective communication is one of the most powerful instruments. If you want to be successful in promoting and selling abroad, PAB Languages will go beyond translation to deliver exciting, localised, and relevant content that resonates with your international audiences. 
Establish a natural tone and a clear message that acknowledges the cultural nuances of your target market by using PAB’s Localisation services: 
Website Localisation 
Social Media Localisation 
Infographic and Document Localisation 

Which of our services is right for you? 

Our multilingual team delivers multilingual content services, including certified translation in over 200 languages, transcreation and localisation, serving global clients in their chosen markets. With a pool of over 5,100 trusted and tested linguists, creators, artists, language consultants and certified translators, we offer brands and organisations world-class specialist support, such as: 
Translation Services for Writers, Authors and Publishers 
Multilingual Voiceover and Subtitles 
Legal Document Translation 
Health and Safety Translation 
Technical and Engineering Translation 
Human Resources Translation 
Medical Translation Services 
Hybrid Translations 
Multilingual Community Surveys and Research Assistance 


It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with PAB Languages Ltd on this video project. Your team of professional translators has enabled our client to get key messages out in multiple languages. 
SSP Hats 
I would not hesitate to recommend them for virtual assistance services, as well as localisation and interpretation services. Efficient and reliable employees. 
1st Contact 
PAB were efficient and professional, raising awareness of issues we had not considered and responding to requests and alterations quickly and efficiently. We were extremely pleased with the high standards of the website translation as well as the personable manner of the staff. We would recommend PAB Languages services to any other companies looking for an accurate translation of their web content and marketing message to their clients. 
“Communicate with confidence overseas” 

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