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Business Live Global's Resident Rapid Transformation Therapist and Mindset Coach 

Upgrade your mindset and achieve more in your business and live an amazing life that you deserve. 

Business Live Global believes in working with passionate and highly talented people who make a real difference in the world of commerce and entrepreneurship. 
We are therefore proud to introduce Gabrielle Preston-Banks as our resident - Rapid Transformation Therapist and Mindset Coach. 
Many of us have mind-blocks, issues of anxiety or self-doubt that hold us back from reaching our full potential. Gabrielle is hugely experienced in transforming lives, by helping motivated individuals to break away from the old patterns of thought and behaviour which are holding them back. 
Working one-to-one or with groups, she uses a powerful cutting-edge fusion of therapies, neuroscience and coaching to achieve rapid but lasting results. 
Gabrielle specialises in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and other high achieving individuals, empowering them to adopt a new mindset for success and happiness in both their professional and personal lives. 
I’m happy to recommend Gabrielle for her immense empathy, compassion and skill – and the life-changing outcomes she helps her clients attain in a remarkably short space of time. 
Victoria Beale, Business Live Group 

Break free from what is holding you back. 

“I have always been fascinated by the delicate intricacies and the power of the mind and how it works, and have spent many years studying coaching and related therapies. I’ve become passionate about helping others to move forward and achieve amazing personal growth. 
“Enabling people to free themselves from what is holding them back in life gives me meaning and purpose. Through my own life experiences, I truly understand and resonate with the daily challenges many people face. I can’t wait to help you discover and unleash your true potential.” 
Gabrielle Preston-Banks 
Free yourself from your past and create change in the present. 

What clients say about Gabrielle 

“Gabrielle helped me to find out the reasons that were holding me back in my business and my life in general. I now feel free stronger in myself and my business is expanding as a result.” 
As the founder and CEO of a company, I had the limiting belief that I couldn’t achieve my dreams or even reach my business goals. Working with Gabrielle’s rapid transformation therapy and coaching has restored the self-belief and self-confidence I so needed to move my business forward. I feel as though she has given me wings to fly as high as I would like to go. I find myself speaking with confidence and I’m so much more optimistic about the future.” 
“I cannot recommend Gabrielle enough. If you’re looking to expand into that better, happier or more successful version of yourself that you know is in there, her therapeutic and coaching approach will prove an invaluable investment in yourself.” 
“Gabrielle was calm, professional, and totally committed to me. She went to great lengths first to understand my anxieties, then give me the guidance and practical tools I needed to work through my anxiety and learn how to cope with it. I was able to see the way forward in a very positive way. Thank you, Gabrielle, for helping me to find peace with my life.” 
“Seeing the vision creates drive and motivation, 
whilst taking action creates your reality” 

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